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15-Oct-2016 (1,507 days)
08-Feb-2017 (1,391 days)
21-Jul-2017 (1,228 days)
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Passive Fund went super secret. It's now only available to exclusive members.

But a new clone has arrived. Same premise. Different admin.

For those of you who didn't catch the wave, it's basically a RevShare that profits by investing in other HYIP and RevShare programs.

Profits are slow and steady at ~6% per week.

You can buy two packages either $25 or $50. The latter has a slightly higher ROI (120% vs 125%). You can only purchase $50 packs once you MAX out 20 of the smaller packs.

The MAX packs of the $50 you can buy is 50 of them, so 70 packs total.

Both packs earn the same weekly profits.

The packs come with advertising too.

They have a list of programs they are invested in under the "portfolio" section so again, you can use that as a monitoring tool of sorts and play along if you don't want to directly invest in Diversity.



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