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31-Dec-2014 (3,188 days)
01-Mar-2015 (3,128 days)
07-Mar-2015 (3,122 days)
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It's like Kickstarter, but instead of getting a product, you get part of the profits.

~10% APY. Slow n Steady, but definitely outperforms the traditional stock market (~7% APY).

If you're looking for a low risk/safe place to stock your cash and earn a steady income, this is it.

  1. Companies post an offer on Kickfurther based on their inventory needs

  2. Users review and choose an offer they're interested in, then pledge their desired dollar amount

  3. Once the goal for the offer is reached, kickfurther pools all the pledges and buys the inventory on the users' behalf

  4. Kickfurther sends the inventory to the company for sale on consignment

  5. The company sells the goods like normal, with marketing help from the Kickfurther users

  6. As the goods sell, the users collect their cash

Referral System:

Get $5 added to your account balance when you sign up with my ref!

Every 3rd person you invite that signs up and and makes a claim will earn you an Offer Key, which gives you early access to offers by allowing you to make a claim during the preview period.



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