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Easily earn $1 per day passively, without ANY referrals!


One of the best Get-Paid to Sites.

Hands down!

Earn points for searching, shopping, taking surveys, playing games, and watching videos.

Redeem points for gift cards to tons of retailers (Walmart, Dominos, Amazon, BestBuy, just to name a few), PayPal cash, or win prizes like gaming systems, TVs, and vacations.



• Top 700 Globally and top 200 in the U.S. on Alexa.

• More than 12 million members

• Awarded more than $100 million in retail gift card rewards to its members



So where does the "PASSIVE" come in?

The smart phone apps.

Just let the videos run.

No need to click each video individually.

(You may have to occasionally hit the back button or force close it. The app may crash)


There are six "SwagBuck" apps. Each app has a MAX amount of points you can earn form it daily.

To get the fastest points, you want to play the shortest videos.

Favorite the shortest videos (you only need one and it'll loop).


Only play ONE app at a time.

Do NOT use multiple mobile devices.

That will get you BANNED.

You may, however, use a mobile app and the website (computer) at the same time.

Here is a list of the 6 SwagBuck apps and the names of the shortest videos in the order that I play them with the shortest, most effective apps/vids first:

1) SBTV:
10 Second Tip Grass Stains (Home & Garden)

10 Sec Tips Grass Stain Removal

3) EntertaiNow:
Touch: The Complete First Season (TV Spots)

Dan Curry: Leper Hockey Game (Short Clips)

The Other Woman (2)

Side Lunges with Bosu Ball - Women's Fitness
The videos alone will earn you 100 SBs (SwagBucks), that is $1, per day, $30 extra in a month, but below are other "semi-passive" earning methods I use in this site.

It requires a bit more attention than letting your phone run video ads all day, but still basically mindless.


Daily Chores

Each day you can also do easy chores (think of it like clicking your daily ads on Traffic Monsoon).

1) Participate in the Daily Poll = 1 point

2) Play Swagasaurus Run = 10 points

(every 2 games you get 2 points, so you play the game 10 total times daily. You can just let the poor little dino die. No need to actually play a full run.)

3) NOSO click about 10 pages to earn 2 points.

4) Install the toolbar and get 1 point automatically each day



Watching Videos on the Website:

• Videos on the website are "SEMI" passive.

• You have to click each video individually though.

• Find a playlist with 3 videos.

• You get rewarded 1 SB for each playlist you fully watch and 3 is the lowest amount of videos in a single playlist.



Active Earning:

This category is basically the rest of the site (surveys, offers, etc.).

They require your full attention to complete.

I personally do not recommend surveys. Some people have had success with them, but those are type of people that lie on their surveys.

I've literally spent nearly an hour navigating "bubble hell" only to be rejected because they didn't like one of my answers.

Don't do it. Don't waste your time.

If you do decide to not listen to my advice, and you complete any of the surveys or offers, make sure you print screen and save proof that you completed them.

Sometimes it may NOT credit and you'll have to contact support with "proof" that you did it.





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